Parish Council News

Cllr James Spencer

23rd June 2021

At its meeting last night James Spencer was Co-Opted as a member of the Parish Council. The Council welcomes James and looks forward to working with him on the many local issues that are important to residents.

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

23rd June 2021

held on 24th May 2021 at Matfield Pavilion, can be found here

Parish Council Meeting Agenda

17th June 2021

for 22nd June 2021, has been published:

Allotment Plot Waiting List

15th June 2021

The waiting list is down to one and plots are becoming available more often where the Council is creating new smaller plots out of larger ones so please contact the Clerk if you want to be added to the waiting … Continue reading

Parish Council Minutes

25th May 2021

from the meeting of 4th May 2021, have been published:

Co-Option of a new Parish Councillor

18th May 2021

The Parish Council are advertising for the Co-Option of the one remaining Councillor to return the Council to its full complement of 9 members. The Co-Option is more in the form of an interview by the Council, which will be … Continue reading

PC accounts 2020-21

13th May 2021

The unaudited Parish Council accounts for the year ended 31 March 2021 are available here.  These will be replaced with audited accounts on receipt from the External Auditor PFK Littlejohn. The Notice of Public Rights is available here

PC Minutes

05th May 2021

Minutes of the Planning Meeting of 26th April 2021 have been published:  

PC Agenda

28th April 2021

The Agenda for the Parish Council meeting of 4th May 2021 has been published. This is the final meeting of this Council session and a new Council takes over from 10th May 2021. Their first meeting (the Annual Meeting of … Continue reading

Speed Limit Change on Maidstone Road

21st April 2021

Despite representation from the Parish Council that this speed limit should be moved further towards Invicta, i.e. beyond the junction with Coppers Lane, KCC have provided attached the intends deposit documents for Amendment 6 a Speed Limit Order on Maidstone … Continue reading

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