Closure of St Luke’s Churchyard, Matfield.

09th May 2022

The Parish Council has received the formal application for the closure of the old churchyard at St Luke’s in Matfield. This means that the Parish Council has to agree either to take on the cost and management (maintenance, mowing and insurance) of the churchyard or pass these costs and liability on to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. The PC already pays to maintain the roadside hedges outside St Luke’s and it is understood, from quotes received, that the immediate cost of work to the trees alone would be in the region of £3,000 with the annual mowing and other costs in the region of £6,000.

The PC, having discussed the matter at its last meeting, is minded to pass this responsibility to TWBC at this stage, on the understanding that it will keep the matter under review to ensure the area is properly kept, it being such an iconic and important part of the parish. There would be an opportunity to reverse this decision in future but this is the only opportunity to pass it to the Borough Council.

A decision will be taken at the PC meeting of 6th June and residents are asked to send any comments on this issue to the Clerk by Friday 3rd June.