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We welcome comments and suggestions on any aspect of this website. If you would like to get in touch with a local club, organisation or Roundabout magazine, please use the contact details shown on the relevant page of the website. Otherwise, for all general website enquiries, get in touch with the webmaster at or, for all queries related to the Parish Council, contact the Parish Clerk at

If you are interested in having your local club, organisation, business, service or event listed on this website, please take note of the listing policy below before getting in touch with us.

Website Listing Policy

  • The website does not charge for community or commercial listings.
  • All parish-based community clubs and organisations (including schools and churches) can be listed in the ‘Community’ section of the website and may have a page to describe their activities, set out their programme of events, etc.
  • All businesses based in the Parish or close to it may have a listing of a few lines which provides their name, a brief description of the business and contact details, including a link to the business’s website where appropriate. The listing will appear in the ‘shops and businesses’, ‘pubs and restaurants’ or ‘places to┬ástay’ sections.
  • Organisations which provide a non-commercial service within the Parish (eg doctors, citizens’ advice, Ready Call, etc) may also have a brief listing in the ‘Local Services’ section of the website.
  • All organisations listed on the website may submit one image to go alongside their listing. Community clubs and organisations which use a website page to describe their activities may have several images on that page.
  • Please contact the webmaster to apply for a listing or to update or remove it.