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Draft Local Plan exhibitions

06th August 2019

Attached is the schedule of exhibitions that TWBC is organizing for the public consultation on the Draft Local Plan Continue reading

Public Meetings – Draft TWBC Local Plan

06th August 2019

The Parish Council will be holding two public meetings, to introduce residents and businesses to the Draft Local Plan for the Tunbridge Wells Borough which will determine potential development affecting our Parish. Continue reading

Neighbourhood Plan Update

30th July 2019

Work is continuing on the first draft of the Parish Neighbourhood Plan. Continue reading

Clerks’ Event

25th July 2019

Brenchley and Matfield hosted a get together of Tunbridge Wells Borough Clerks on 24th July. Continue reading

Matfield Green – a plea for considerate use

02nd July 2019

Matfield Green – a plea for considerate use of the most beautiful village green in Kent… Continue reading

Allotment plot available

18th June 2019

A small allotment plot is available, number 26 on the attached map. Continue reading

The Parish PCSO has provided a report for residents

12th June 2019

The Parish PCSO has provided a report for residents, please contact him if you have any queries Continue reading

What your Parish Council can do for you… and what it can’t!

11th June 2019

It is becoming increasingly clear that the role of the Parish Council is somewhat misunderstood.  A very old tradition, the Parish Council of today bears very little resemblance to its generally perceived activities, or lack thereof!.

The attached article is provided to outline the role of the modern Parish Council. Continue reading

Parish Council Meeting 3rd June at Brenchley Memorial Hall

03rd June 2019

Parish Council meeting on Monday 3rd June at 7.30pm will be at Brenchley Memorial Hall not at Matfield Pavilion, Agenda is here

Grant money available

20th May 2019

The Parish Council has established a policy for passing grant funding to local groups for specific projects.  Initially there is a fund of £11k for Youth and Adult Recreation projects that is awaiting claiming and the policy includes an application form. Continue reading

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