Meetings and Agendas

The Council normally has its main meeting on the first Monday of every month at Matfield Pavilion on the village green. Agendas are posted on the website (below) and on noticeboards. Meetings may also be held on the third Tuesday of the month when there are significant planning applications or other urgent business which cannot wait until the next main meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend and, at the Chairman’s discretion, 15 minutes will be set aside for questions from members of the public each one of whom may speak for a maximum of 3 minutes in total relating to items on the Agenda or about issues of local concern. Members of the public are not permitted to participate in the meeting after this agenda item without prior invitation from the Chairman.  The Finance Committee and Policy and Management Committee Agendas (not full Council meetings) are also posted here.

Next Confirmed Meeting:

There will be no further public meetings of the Parish Council until further notice.

A Scheme of Delegation has been approved by the Parish Council to allow for its continuing activity.

A Record of Actions shall be posted on the Minutes page regularly in place of Parish Council minutes.  Any queries should be addressed to the Clerk.


List of meeting dates for this year*planning meeting dates are provisional only and will not take place unless an Agenda is posted

Jan 6 Mon Full
21 Tues Planning
Feb 3 Mon Full
18 Tues Planning
Mar 2 Mon Full
17 Tues Planning
April 6 Mon Full
21 Tues Planning
22/29 Weds Annual Parish Meeting (tbc)
May 4 Mon Full Final meeting of the Council
Council elections 7th May
May 16 Sat Induction for new Council
20 Weds Annual Meeting (including election of Chairman)
June 1 Mon Full – First meeting of the Council
16 Tues Planning
July 6 Mon Full
21 Tues Planning
Aug No meetings
Sept 7 Mon Full
22 Tues Planning
Oct 5 Mon Full
20 Tues Planning
Nov 2 Mon Full
17 Tues Planning
Dec 7 Mon Full