Parish Council update

18th November 2019

Minor works and other issues have been addressed in the last few months:

Recreation Ground The project to repair and refurbish the Playground – partly funded by existing s.106 money as well as a donation, has been completed with a new swing set, safety groundworks, new stepping stilts on the Adventure Trail, replaced scramble net and other small repairs.
Matfield Green The pond overflow has been reinstated.  Volunteers completed a clear-up of the north bank of the pond, the limes in the Avenue have been pollarded, the south bank has been fully cleared and the Sassoon Memorial Oak has been replanted, in a new location, with protective fencing.  Stickers have been requested from TWBC to outline the responsibility of dog owners regarding fouling on the Green.
Allotments All of the internal hedges at the allotment site have been cut back, increasing access around the perimeter.  Six new allotment plots have been created, two of which have 4 raised beds – contact the Clerk if you are interested in a plot.  Unused plots are being covered over.
Trees The survey of the Council’s trees last year identified those needing attention and a first wave was completed earlier this year.  Attention is now being given to the remaining mature trees in various areas including Porters Wood and Cooksfield.
Communications The new website is serving to provide updates for residents on a variety of issues, including the Councils response to the Draft Local Plan.  The PC pages are updated by the Clerk and a link placed on social media. The website is a community facility (though financed by the Parish Council) and residents may advertise businesses, clubs and events.
Highways Improvement Plan The Parish Council has submitted a Highways Improvement Plan to Kent County Council detailing numerous concerns regarding speeding, parking and other traffic problems.
Christmas Christmas lights are being erected and the annual events being planned by the volunteer group.
Elections 2020 Information regarding elections to the Parish Council in May 2020 will be available on the website shortly, contact the Clerk for further information.
Council Staff A new separate post of Responsible Financial Officer is currently being recruited, this will be a significant addition to the Council’s staffing and will, amongst other things, provide for funding opportunities to be sought to underpin the Council’s precept income.
If you have any queries on the above please contact the Clerk: