Jonathan Buttery


I moved to Brenchley in 1999 with my family, Jane, my wife, and (at that time!) children, Angus and Imogen, both of whom have now ‘flown the nest’ some distance away and are only occasional visitors.  Since then, we have been very happy in this lovely area and welcoming community.

Careerwise, I am a Chartered Insurance Broker, now retired.  Working initially as a placing broker at Lloyd’s of London, I later co-founded a specialist brokerage based in Guildford in 1996 and was MD there until 2017, by which time we had a head-count of 24.  I was also a director and Chair of our industry trade association for many years.

After a working life that involved long hours and late commutes and the restrictions that imposed on getting involved more fully in local life through the working week, I am keen to make up for lost time now that I am retired.  I very much welcome this opportunity to help our community here in Brenchley and Matfield address the issues we all face associated with the future, such as local and regional development, traffic and the environment in which we live.  Acting together, I am confident that we can make this an even better place to live and work.

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