Sassoon Memorial Oak Tree – Matfield Green

09th October 2019

Residents will be aware that the Sassoon Memorial Tree on the village green at Matfield, was damaged in recent high winds and consequently deemed dangerous. It had to be felled, which occurred a few weeks ago. The tree was protected by virtue of being in the Matfield Conservation Area and, following consultation with the planners at TWBC, it has been agreed that the replacement will be another English Oak tree, but that the precise location will be moved slightly south of the original and slightly nearer to the road, so as to have less impact on nearby properties. In fact the proposed new position, agreed at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 7th October, will provide a natural frame to views of Grade 1 listed Matfield House, when viewed from across The Green, rather than partially obscuring it, which was the case with the previous tree.

The attached photo shows the agreed new tree location, in comparison to the original.

Due to October being the best time to plant trees, the intention is that this will be undertaken later this month. Initially it will be necessary to have a protective guard around it, but this will be only for the first couple of seasons. This planting will of course be paid for by the Parish Council. It is proposed to have a formal belated “planting ceremony” next summer at the annual Sassoon cricket match in July.